Best Solution For Shopping Cart

If you are doing some on-line business where customers come to your website and make direct purchases, then it is very important to have a Storefront script or a Shopping cart script built on your website. Some of these scripts cost you from $50 to $650 and few of them are free of cost. There are many offshore Zen Cart developers company who can help build a user-friendly website, which is a guarantee for high traffic and high sales. A website easy to navigate, easy to pick your items in a list and checkout is always preferred by customers.

Zen Cart comes with many benefits which makes it the best solution for shopping carts. This is a free open source shopping cart software based on PHP that is available under the GNU license.

Most of the e-commerce company hire developers who helps them install the Storefront script and then integrating your on-line store to a payment gateway. It is also very necessary to install SSL certificates as no customer would like to enter in an ordering process where the system is not protected by proper security certificates. Proper on-line security, attractive and easy shopping cart designs is where you will require to hire Zen Cart developers if you don’t have required skills and creativity.

But, the question is Why hire Zen Cart developers? There are so many shopping carts available ranging from cheap to expensive. Then why this free software? Zen Cart was originally developed by a community of programmers, shop owners and some web designers who just wanted a simple e-commerce tool. There are a few advantages below which makes it a favorite among other Shopping Carts:

1. Easy Installation: Offshore developers provide simple scripts or Fantastico as application installers to install this software. Knowledge of PHP and MySQl would be important to go through the instructions of installing this shopping cart. In addition, as this is the most standard shopping cart, its installation is easiest compared to other shopping carts available.

2. Add-ons Availability: Since its development and inception about five years ago, many programmers have developed numerous add-ons which can be downloaded and installed on your cart easily. This gives you extra features and functionality to provide your customers a great shopping experience. Through these add-ons you can add extra languages and even administrative tools.